SoundproofWindows - Did not deliver like promised website.

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Update by user May 27, 2012

Customer service rep was Jim regal who is also the sales rep who later don\'t recall speaking to

us. Jay walden was also another rep that had no clue either

Update by user May 27, 2012

Production managers name is Jason blitz

Original review posted by user May 26, 2012

We were looking for a company that had sound proof windows and came across a company called Soundproof saw the reviews and also compared it to other company and we ended up back to them.

In the begining we got all the information we needed and also was told that we were getting a special deal on the window. After exchanging information and being fully paid, we did not hear back from the company for several weeks after several attempts we get a return call with how they did not recieved our mearsurements of the door so they could not have process. we questioned why they have not called us eariier and also the measurements were given in the beginning. After several more weeks of telling us the door was shipped we learned it wasn't.

After serveral calls from us we finally got a call from a production manager stating that he will refund us our shipping cost due to the delay of the door, we requested that it be written in some form for us, well then he changed his mind and said that he was not authorized to give the refund and then through several more calls and forwarding emails that we recieved from the company we heard nothing from them.

We had to take upon ourself to cancel our card and make sure that we were going to recieve a refund since they did not stand up to their company standards with being the best sound proof window company and will deliver in 4-5 weeks well 2 months later a chain of emails later they still did not do what they state their company can do.Customer service is horrible and now when we call the company no picks up the phone and has no clue what happened.

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